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"Port Canveral Pilots Guide Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas" Space Coast Daily - November 2018
"Captain Casey Crawford, in a male-dominated industry, pilots ships" CRPPA News -November 2018

"Puget Sound Pilots Honored at Ceremony Marking 150 Years" Peninsula Daily News - June 2018 
"Ship Pilots Put Safety, Security of Texas Ports First" Texas Tribune - April 2018
"Canaveral Harbor Pilots Play Critical Role in Navigation Safety" Brevard Business News - April 2018
"The World Through the Eyes of a Jacksonville Bar Pilot" (Video) Jaxport - January 2018
"Flame-defying pilots receive Bravery Award" International Maritime Organization Magazine - Autumn 2017
"Tight squeeze: Bigger ships prompt calls to deepen and widen channels" Virginia Business - August 2017
"Two Houston Pilots Earn IMO 2017 Bravery at Sea Award" IMO Press Release - August 2017
"Container Ship, Under Pilotage, Transits Savannah River" (Video) The Martime Executive - July 2017
"Pilot Encourages Kids to Following in Her Wake" Houston Chronicle - March 2017
"The Dangerous Life of a Columbian River Bar Pilot" Oregon Public Broadcasting - October 2016
"Sense and Nonsense on Cruise Ship Bridges" Seaways Magazine - September 2016
"Pilots Guide Ships to Safe Harbor" Boys Life - July 2016
"How New York Harbor Pilots Master These Treacherous Waters" - May 2016
"Crew of Sunken Tugboat Rescued by Boston Harbor Pilots" - February 2016
"Astoria-Megler Bridge Helps Guide Pilots" Oregon Live - December 2015
"Michael Watson, Noted Leader of Piloting Profession, Dead at 72," Baltimore Sun - August 2015
"Captain Michael Watson, APA President, Dies at 72," Professional Mariner - August 2015
"Captain Peter McIsaac Named Acting APA President," Press Release - August 2015
"International Maritime Pilots' Association Honors Captain Watson," Resolution - July 2015
"Watson, 72, Maritime Pilot Leader, Advocate, Dies", Journal of Commerce - July 2015
"Pilots Have a Critical But Dangerous Mission" (Video), Florida Today - July 2015
"The Tricky Work of Guiding Tankers Into Boston Harbor," Boston Globe Magazine - June 2015
"West Coast Pilots: New Ships, Old Challenges," Pacific Maritime Magazine - December 2014
"Piloting Challenges for Neo-Panamax Ships on the Houston Ship Channel," Port Technology - September 2014
"Perils of Piloting: Civil Liability and Criminal Prosecution," Benedict's Maritime Bulletin - 3rd Quarter 2014
"The Apprentice - The Associated Branch Pilots" (Video) - September 2014
"Harbor Pilots Guide Container Ship into Port Everglades" Slide Show - September 2014
"Back to the Future for e-Navigation?", Pacific Maritime Magazine - March 2014
"Houston Pilots 2014" (Video) - February 2014
"Aransas Corpus Christi Pilots" (Video) - June 2013
"NOAA and APA Sign Agreement to Advance Safe Navigation", - NOAA Press Release - October 2012
"Working on the River: What it takes to become a pilot",- - August 2012
"IMPA Officials Speak Out on ISPO" - IMPA Press Release - February 2012
"Florida Harbor Pilots - Who We Are" (Video) - March 2011
"Pilotage" - U.S.C.G. Proceedings - Spring 2011
"Teamwork Halts Aleutian Ship Disaster", - December 2010
"Puget Sound Pilots Steer Big Ships With Bravery", Peninsula Daily News - July 2010
"More Harbor Pilots Carrying Laptops", Professional Mariner - May 2010
"INTERTANKO Signs Accord With Pilot Associations", Marine Log - May 2010
"In Houston Ship Channel, Pilots Exhibit Shiphandling Agility", Professional Mariner - February 2010
"Profile of Boston Harbor Pilots Association", WCVB Boston (Video) - December 2009
"Only Woman to Navigate Risky Columbia Bar", KGW Astoria (Video) - August 2009 
"Columbia River: Riding the High Water", Professional Mariner - February 2009
"Harbor Pilots in Tampa Bay" (Video), Tampa Bay On-Line - January 2009 
"Quick Action By Harbor Pilot Kept Tanker Off Rocks", San Francisco Chronicle - January 2009
"Each Trip into Port is Unique (Virginia Pilots)", The Daily Press - October 2008
"A Career as a Ship Pilot", U.S.C.G. Proceedings - Fall 2008

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